Wilderness Festival

Wilderness Festival
Friday, August 9, 2013
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Cornbury Park
Oxfordshire OX7 3DG
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On a few times over the weekend.

Doing these slots for Now festival:
Friday 3pm / NOW tent- 45 minute workshop
Saturday 11am/ NOW stage - 20 minute reading
Sunday 11am - NOW tent - 45 minute workshop

Find out more about those guys here: http://www.nowfestival.org/

I'll also be popping up on the the wildnerness stage to do a few poems around sunday lunchtime...

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The Poem as right now, again and again and again

Some days I am moving easily through the world & I am aware of being present & I am so full with this feeling I could burst. In a good way. Mostly though, I find it hard to relax. I rush to finish things, to have done something rather than be doing it. That restlessness worms its way into my writing process. And this makes me mad but it is hard to stop. Learning to stay is the work of a lifetime.

For me, poems are part of that work. Seeing and re-seeing the world. Writing and re-writing what I see. And then occasionally crafting a poem which feels like a living thing in it’s own right. Something that is of the world as well as referring to it. Something which exists in the moment, again and again and again. I like this feeling. It makes some of the other bad feelings feel better.

The lovely folks at Now Festival have got me thinking about this stuff and so I will be talking about this stuff and doing poems and getting other people to do poems at Wilderness Festival for them this coming weekend…