Chill Pill @ Wilderness (The Forum)

Chill Pill @ Wilderness (The Forum)
Saturday, August 6, 2016
7:00pm - All Ages Buy Tickets
Cornbury Park
Oxfordshire OX7 3DG
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Chill Pill are one of the top Spoken Word collectives in the UK, comprised of:

*Mr Gee (host of Radio 4′s Bespoken Word)
*Deanna Rodger (ELLE UK 30 under 30 world changers)
*Raymond Antrobus (London Laureate)
*Adam Kammerling (Hammer And Tongue National Slam Champion)
*Simon Mole (1st Brent Poet Laureate)

As well as flexing their performance muscles with new material and old favourites, for their Wilderness show they will be undertaking a series of ‘instant poetry challenges’ where audience ideas and suggestions are transformed into verse.

Chill Pill run regular nights at the Albany Deptford and QBIC Hotel – a laid back vibe with tightly spun tales inspired by today’s headlines, the ever-popular Classics Corner and plenty of banter to boot…

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Chill Pill X-mas BIG ONE @ the Albany

Chill Pill X-mas BIG ONE @ the Albany
Thursday, December 17, 2015
8:00pm - All Ages Buy Tickets
Douglas Way
Deptford, London, UK SE8 4AG
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The Big One returns for a super-sized helping of spoken word with all the trimmings and dancing ‘til late. Join the whole Chill Pill team and their festive guests, line up to be announced.

Previous Chill Pill guests include Dizreali and DownLow, Kate Tempest, Luke Wright, United Vibrations, Soweto Kinch and many more.

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Chill Pill with Jon Sands @ Canada Water Culture Space

Chill Pill with Jon Sands @ Canada Water Culture Space
Thursday, February 26, 2015
TBC - All Ages
Canada Water Library
21 Surrey Quays Road
London , London SE16 7AR
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special show featuring one of our favourite international poets – JON SANDS

Jon Sands is a writer known for electric readings, and the author of The New Clean (2011, Write Bloody Publishing). His work has been featured in The New York Times, published widely in various journals, and anthologized in The Best American Poetry 2014. He tours extensively, but lives in Brooklyn.

The whole Chill Pill crew will be present and there will be an Open Mic (first come first served), this special show will take place in a new space;

Canada Water Culture Space

21 Surrey Quays Rd, Canada Water SE16 7AR

Tickets – £5

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Chill Pill pop up stall @ Deptford Market

Chill Pill pop up stall @ Deptford Market
Saturday, June 28, 2014
10:00am - All Ages Buy Tickets
Deptford Market (map)
200 Deptford High St
London SE8 3PR

A great market. In Deptford...

Other Info
Chill Pill are one of the top Spoken Word collectives in the UK, running hugely popular nights at Soho Theatre and the Albany. The Chill Pill Poetry Pop-up began life at Deptford Market in December 2012 where our increasingly popular poetry stall adds to the already buoyant atmosphere of the area. We also ‘popped up’ as part of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park events in the summer of 2013.

The stall is a great example of the fluid ability of Spoken Word to connect to individual people as well as to the local environment. Everyone who visits the festivals will have a unique story to tell, and the Chill Pill Poetry Pop Up will provide them with a personal poem (& performance) to capture the memory based around the NOW theme.

The main focus will be the ‘instant’ creation of free bespoke poems written for passers-by who ‘commission’ a piece about anything they want and then wander the area for a few minutes while the writing takes place. They then return and pick up copy of the poem, as well as being treated to a performance of it by the poet who wrote it! There are also sporadic pop up performances of these and other poems within the immediate area, whether in an intimate one to one setting or for gathering crowds.

We will also offer ‘lucky dip’ readings from a bag of poems (chosen for their connection with NOW themes), and collect short ideas/memories from passers-by on this same theme to create a collaborative crowd-sourced poem throughout the event. To end everything, we will perform a mini pop-up show after the stall, showcasing some of our favourite poems written that day alongside our normal spoken word/music shenanigans…

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Chill Pill Christmas Special @ the Albany

Chill Pill Christmas Special @ the Albany
Thursday, December 19, 2013
7:30pm - All Ages Buy Tickets
Douglas Way
Deptford, London, UK SE8 4AG
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The Chill Pill gang present another Big One to get us in the festive spirit featuring a super-sized helping of spoken-word with all the trimmings courtesy of Dizraeli and Downlow, Hollie McNish and Keith Jarrett.

Join us for another extra large helping of spoken-word plus DJing and dancing 'til late.

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Chill Pill East – open mic

Chill Pill East - open mic
Wednesday, December 11, 2013
8:00pm - All Ages
35 Queensdown Road
London E5 8NN
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It's Chill Pill East time!

We never have enough time at our theatre events to get everyone on the open mic, and we want to try new stuff as well! So Chill Pill East was born. An entirely open mic event within spitting distance of Hackney Downs.

Chill Pill started out in 2010 as an open mic night in a basement in Bethnal Green which grew in popularity by the week. It was a safe and vibrant environment for poets and musicians to perform their work in progress. We miss it, so we're bringing that back. We'll be trying new works, having some jokes, playing some tunes and eating some pizza. Come do that as well!

It's back to roots for us.

Wednesday December 11th

£3 on the door.

Open mic-ers sign up at the venue.

Bring a poem and a nice hat.

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New video for my poem inspired by Neasden Temple!

Yipee! Today is the day I can share the video for my second commissioned poem as Brent Poet Laureate! Inspired by BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, which is commonly known as Neasden Temple, the poem explores the contrast between this quiet reflective space and the hustle and bustle of busy city life. Hope you like it!

The video was directed and shot by Karim Kamar, and you can read the text version of the poem here:

Inside the mandir at Neasden temple
each gleaming white pillar is a spotlight of silence.
I read that inner peace brings you in to contact
with your true divine nature. See the intricate infinity
of patterns in the domed roof above. Silence
1.water, toilet roll, milk, bread. 2. Put a wash on.
3. Make a plan for the week – factor in time to be spontaneous.
4. Book advance train tickets for Thursday 12th.
I read that Ganesh is the remover of obstacles.
Smile at his one tusked elephants’ head and round belly.
Feel my bare feet warm on the marble floor. Silence
5. Adam’s email about the invoices. 6. Make space
once everything is done to chill out. Stop.
It is rare to see Ganesh dance. And yet up close
this shiny stone column is carved with such music
that he does. In eight different ways
First on tip toes, with knees bent, trunk swung to one side
As two hands of four beat drums, two carve sky palms wide
trunk grips a trumpet, as left heel kicks high
bells ring, shakers shake, horns blow
Ganesh’s father Shiva was the cosmic dancer.
The rhythm of the shapes that he threw
destroyed a weary universe, clearing the way
for the process of creation, and this silence
is its own dance, the ripples
spreading out into the space between

Chill Pill brings the beach to Deptford Market!!!

We did our Chill Pill stall at Deptford market on Saturday, but this time we brought a beach for those summer vibes…
 photo chillpillsummerpoetrystalldeptford_zps4d003481.jpg

Our stall and general presence in the market works in three main ways:
1. We wonder around offering people a lucky dip bag of themed poems and reading them the one they pick…

2.People come to the stall and ask for a poem about a particular theme, moment, whatever – we ask them a few questions and then they head off for 10/15 minutes while we write the thing…

3. We write poems similarly ‘instant’ poems inspired by chatting to market traders, bigging up what they do, connecting with them or their story in some way…

On Saturday I got talking to Evelin who runs a mobile coffee shop out the back of a little red van, and wrote something for her. Check the shaky video here (which gets a little too close to my face for my liking!), or read the piece below that…

Karu coffee, from Estonia with love
Arabica beans freshly ground, we make moves
Evelin, our house proud host, hoists a parasol
high above her little village of six chairs
and three tables. Six years ago to England
she came, having never made a coffee, not one
plans change! Her face holds the warm humble blush
of a craftsperson proud of their trade
back home, Karu means brown bear
which is kind of like ‘Pumpkin’
a name you call your lover maybe…
steam froths milk, wipe the nozzle clean
tap the base of the milk jug and pour
we make moves, summer tunes float
from the radio. And every day a new spot,
the little red van opens its doors
feel the buzz, from Estonia with love

Chill Pill Poetry Stall @ Deptford Market

Chill Pill Poetry Stall @ Deptford Market
Saturday, July 13, 2013
11:00am - All Ages
Deptford Market (map)
200 Deptford High St
London SE8 3PR

A great market. In Deptford...

Other Info
The Chill Pill poets set up our now bi-monthly poetry stall at deptford market, offering free bespoke poems to passers-by and doing pop-up performance within the market itself - fun times!
11am - 1pm

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Three deep at the bar – my first poem as Brent Poet Laureate…

When I decided to write my first poem for Brent inspired by my visit to Wembley for the England vs. Ireland friendly, I was pretty sure I’d write about the game, or at least the stadium. I wanted to tell people that if a nation can be judged on the way it treats its poorest, then surely the way to judge a stadium is the view from its cheapest seats, I wanted to shout loud from the rooftops that if this was the case then good old Wembley passed with flying colours! Or failing that, to biggup it’s world record as the venue with the most toilets (2168 to be precise). At least to mention the bloody arch! And I promise that one day I will, perhaps even making my next offering an ode to that glowing single-coloured rainbow of steel spleandour. But this time around I wrote about the pub on the high road. Because I’m sure we’ve all had a long wait for a drink at a busy bar, and for a pub in Wembley before England game, well times your worst experience by about ten…

 photo jjmoons_zps4b988aaf.jpg

Three deep at the bar
The spoons pre-match is three deep at the bar
punters jostle for space, this is their six yard box
some man-mark, making eyes at one bar-staff only
others go zonal, locking down a spot as wide as two Wayne Rooneys
with constant slight shuffles from left to right. In short,
this ain’t your local on a quiet Tuesday night
where any mug can find himself in acres of space. This is Wembley.
Everybody’s touch tight here. Even the designated drivers
Tetchy and in need of a juice. Even the crafty old boys in flat caps
who seem content to grumble-hum about the plastic glasses
only to lunge in with last ditch refill requests.
I thought I had time for a pint Before kickoff.
But of all buses parked in front of the bar
Of all the rounded bellies with bright white replica kits on
I’m behind the biggest. And I’m parched here. Gasping.
Sod it. I feint left, drop the shoulder, ghost past him
jink between two lads berating their mate for sipping too slow
“you’re a drink behind already Daz. This is like Majorca all over again.”
One more shimmy, spot the gap, then go. so close I can taste it.
Until, finally, I’m in. That’s that.
I slap my wallet on the damp mat in front of the taps
And for those who don’t know, that’s next up nailed on
A move that makes swift service a stone-wall certainty
The barman nods – “what can I get ya?”
I inhale, quick look along the taps to check, when out of nowhere
I feel an elbow nudge from the left. “Actually mate, I think she was next.”
There’s no answer to that. Outgentlemanned. I shrug-Grunt my approval.
join him on the moral high ground. Hold on though… Nooo! It’s too late when it hits.
It’s the old one two, he’s gone in with the assist. I just watch
Mouth agog, as his strike-partner orders. Two halves.
And when the drinks come, my worst fears are confirmed
Coz one is his and one is hers. Even Lands a kiss on her cheek before they turn,
And walk right by me. Arms flung over shoulders all smiley.
Beardsley and Lineker. Italia 90. I swear it’s the hope that kills you.

Simon Mole, 2013.

 photo beardsleyandlineker_zpsbf9519ea.jpg