Mole & Iris

“Mole & Iris provide a full strength dose of thoughtful lyricism”

Hip Hop Connection

After establishing ourselves quickly on the Brighton scene as respected battle rappers, myself and Iris soon began to focus more on our song making, announcing our intent on the 2005 Brighton Hip Hop Festival compilation with the raw and thought provoking track inheritance:

We built a loyal local following through our explosive live performances, and our stage-shows were renowned for their tightness and energy. Our first ep ‘An Introduction’ demonstrated that weren’t afraid to explore challenging or abstract concepts and ideas from outside the standard spectrum of hip hop content, but we prided ourselves on never falling victim to the often unintelligible ramblings that afflict far too many so-called ‘leftfield’ hip hop artists.

Our 2008 ep ‘Clouds’ again explored a variety of content over a diverse range of production, but was glued together by our consistently honest and passionate delivery. The release of ‘Clouds’ saw us featured in The Metro as ‘ones to watch’, and one of our tracks made the top ten in Hip Hop Connection global ‘soundtrack’ to the month…

You can listen to Clouds in its entirety, and download it if you wish, here: