Indiana Jones & the extra chair @ Southbank Centre

Indiana Jones & the extra chair @ Southbank Centre
Tuesday, October 15, 2013
7:30pm - All Ages Buy Tickets
Belvedere Road

London, UK SE1 8XX
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Simon Mole's ground-breaking one man show is a spoken word adventure that takes place over the evening meal.

Every family dinner needs a hero. Mike is twenty-three years old but still asks 'what would Indy do?' at times of crisis, and it's crunch time when we meet him at a busy train station on his way to his Mum's.

His crumbling love-life is colliding with his heroic fantasy world and the consequences move from hilarious to heart-breaking. Join our hero round the table for his toughest adventure yet, meeting his mum's new boyfriend.

The show is touring nationally as a residency project throughout 2013. This eye-catching collaboration with critically acclaimed site-specific theatre director Peader Kirk takes spoken word performance in an exciting new direction, with Simon's brilliantly crafted poetic story at the core of a full evening of immersive entertainment.

And you get dinner!

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