Upcoming shows
Discover Story Centre07/27/211:00pmBuy TicketsMapI Love My Bike Event
Deptford Lounge, 07/28/2110:00amBuy TicketsMapI Love My Bike Event
Herts Libraries08/02/2110:00amBuy TicketsMapI Love My Bike Event
8:00pmBuy Tickets
Norden Farm Centre for the Arts08/14/2111:30amBuy TicketsMapI Love My Bike Event
Past show archive
Norden Farm Centre for the Arts07/24/2111:30amMapI Love My Bike Event
artsdepot07/04/2112:00pmMapPoetry Picnic
Z-arts07/03/2112:00pmMapI Love My Bike Workshop
Moon Lane Bookshop06/29/214:00pmMapI Love My Bike Event
The Albany06/20/212:00pmMapPoetry Picnic
Alexandra Palace06/06/213:00pmMapPoetry Picnic
The Spring 06/04/2110:30amMapI Love My Bike Event
The Spring 06/03/2110:30amMapI Love My Bike Event
Brent Libraries05/26/2110:30amMapPoetry Picnic
Herts Libraries04/01/2110:00amMapHerts Libraries Poetry Picnic
Herts Libraries03/29/213:00pmMapHerts Libraries Poetry Picnic
The Place Theatre07/09/201:30pmMapMole & Gecko: The Show
Gap Festival06/13/2011:00amMapMole & Gecko: The Show @ Goring Hall, Gap Festival
North Walsham Library05/28/2011:00amMapMole & Gecko: The Show
Gaywood Library05/28/204:00pmMapMole & Gecko: The Show
Aylesham Library05/27/2011:00amMapMole & Gecko: The Show
Cromer Library05/27/204:00pmMapMole & Gecko: The Show
Reading Central Library05/26/2011:00amMapMole & Gecko: The Show
Nottingham Playhouse05/23/2010:30amMapMole & Gecko: The Show
The Mill Arts Centre04/18/2011:00amMapMole & Gecko: The Show
Cheshunt Library04/16/2010:30amMapMole & Gecko: The Show
Hoddesdon Library04/16/202:30pmMapMole & Gecko: The Show
Borehamwood Library04/15/2010:30amMapMole & Gecko: The Show
St Albans Library04/15/202:30pmMapMole & Gecko: The Show
Ealing Library03/18/2010:30amMapMole & Gecko: The Show
Kingsbury Library03/18/201:30pmMapMole & Gecko: The Show
Leeds Central Library03/08/2011:00amMapMole & Gecko: The Show
Wakefield Library03/07/2011:00amMapMole & Gecko: The Show
Finsbury Library11/18/192:00pmFREE ADMISSIONMapMole & Gecko: The Show
Birstall Community Centre11/02/192:00pmMapMole & Gecko: The Show
Healey Community centre11/01/192:00pmMapMole & Gecko: The Show
Thornhill Sports & Community Centre10/31/192:00pmMapMole & Gecko: The Show
Batley Bulldogs RLFC10/30/192:00pmMapMole & Gecko: The Show
Northorpe Hall10/29/192:00pmMapMole & Gecko: The Show
Wymondham Library08/01/1911:00amMapMole & Gecko: The Show
Norfolk and Norwich Millennium Library08/01/194:00pmMapMole & Gecko: The Show
Gorleston Library07/31/1911:00amMapMole & Gecko: The Show
Acle Library07/31/194:00pmMapMole & Gecko: The Show
Tring Library07/25/1910:30amMapMole & Gecko: The Show
Hemel Hempstead Library07/25/192:30pmMapMole & Gecko: The Show
Letchworth Library07/24/1910:30amMapMole & Gecko: The Show
Hitchin Library07/24/192:30pmMapMole & Gecko: The Show
Z-arts06/08/1911:00amMapMole & Gecko: The Show
Pegasus06/01/192:00pmMapMole & Gecko: The Show
Harris Museum Art Gallery & Library05/30/1911:00amMapMole & Gecko: The Show
Oldham Library05/29/1912:00pmMapMole & Gecko: The Show
All Points East05/27/1910:30amMapMole & Gecko: The Show
Watermans Art Centre04/07/193:00pmMapMole and Gecko: The show
artsdepot03/17/1911:00amMapMole and Gecko: The show
The Albany03/03/191:00pmMapMole and Gecko: The show
Canada Water Culture Space03/02/191:00pmMapMole and Gecko: The show
Norden Farm Centre for the Arts02/20/1911:30amMapMole and Gecko: The show
Half Moon Theatre02/16/1911:00amMapMole and Gecko: THE SHOW
Roundhouse06/24/181:00pmMapFriends For All
The Marlowe05/29/183:00pmMapFriends For All
Watermans Art Centre04/15/183:00pmMapFriends For All
Norden Farm Centre for the Arts04/13/1811:30amMapFriends For All
Z-arts03/24/1811:00amMapFriends For All
Hat Factory03/03/1811:00amMapFriends For All
Norden Farm Centre for the Arts02/11/1811:30amMapSunday Stories Spoken Word Special with AF Harrold
The Albany12/14/178:00pmMapChill Pill @ the Albany (X-MAS BIG ONE)
Polka Theatre10/22/172:00pmMapFriends For All @ Polka Theatre (Wimbledon)
Polka Theatre10/21/172:00pmMapFriends For All @ Polka Theatre (Wimbledon)
Polka Theatre10/20/1710:30amMapFriends For All @ Polka Theatre (Wimbledon)
The Albany10/12/178:00pmMapChill Pill @ the Albany
Norden Farm Centre for the Arts10/01/1711:30amMapSunday Stories - Spoken Word Special with Simon Mole & Gecko
Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum11/05/1611:00amFREEMapFriends For All
Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum10/30/1611:00amFREE *This performance is with Grace Courtney (Understudy)MapFriends For All
Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum10/29/1611:00amFREEMapFriends For All
Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum10/28/1611:00amFREE *This performance is with Grace Courtney (Understudy)MapFriends For All
Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum10/27/1611:00amFreeMapFriends For All
3:00pmFREE *This performance is with Grace Courtney (Understudy)
Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum10/26/1611:00amFREE *This performance is with Grace Courtney (Understudy)MapFriends For All
1:00pmFREE *This performance is with Grace Courtney (Understudy)
3:00pmFREE *This performance is with Grace Courtney (Understudy)
Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum10/25/1611:00amFREEMapFriends For All
3:00pmFREE *This performance is with Grace Courtney (Understudy)
Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum10/24/1611:00amFREEMapFriends For All
Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum10/23/1611:00amFREE *This performance is with Grace Courtney (Understudy)MapFriends For All
Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum10/22/1611:00amFREE ENTRYMapFriends For All
3:00pmFREE *This performance is with Grace Courtney (Understudy)
Pop Brixton 08/10/167:30pmMapStraight Out the Box @ POP Brixton
Wilderness Festival 08/06/167:00pmMapChill Pill @ Wilderness (The Forum)
The Albany12/17/158:00pmMapChill Pill X-mas BIG ONE @ the Albany
The Spring 11/19/157:30pmMapNo More Worries @ The Spring, Havant
Bush Theatre11/14/157:30pmMapNo More Worries @ Bush Theatre
Bush Theatre11/13/157:30pmMapNo More Worries @ Bush Theatre
Bush Theatre11/12/157:30pmMapNo More Worries @ Bush Theatre
Heywood Hall, 10/22/15TBCMapNo More Worries @ Beaford Arts
The Albany10/03/157:30pmMapNo More Worries @ the Albany
The Albany10/02/157:30pmMapNo More Worries @ the Albany
The Albany10/01/157:30pmMapNo More Worries @ the Albany
The Albany09/30/157:30pmMapNo More Worries @ the Albany
The Albany09/26/157:30pmMapNo More Worries @ the Albany
The Albany09/25/157:30pmMapNo More Worries @ the Albany
The Albany09/24/157:30pmMapNo More Worries @ the Albany
The Albany09/23/157:30pmMapNo More Worries @ the Albany
Wilderness Festival 08/09/158:00pmMapNo More Worries @ Wilderness
Wilderness Festival 08/08/1511:00pmMapChill Pill @ Wilderness
Keats House07/26/152:00pmMapKeats House Poets present...
G Live 07/20/157:30pmMapWordplay 2 @ Guildford Fringe
Latitude Festival07/19/157:00pmMapNo More Worries @ Latitude
The Albany05/07/158:00pmMapChill Pill @ the Albany (THE BIG ONE)
The Albany03/19/157:30pmMapChill Pill @ the Albany
Gulbenkian03/15/154:00pmMapIndiana Jones & the extra chair @ Gulbenkian, Canterbury
the old first station03/10/158:00pmMapHammer & Tongue Oxford
the green note03/09/158:00pmMapHammer & Tongue Camden
the junction03/06/158:00pmMapHammer & Tongue Cambridge
The Komedia03/05/158:00pmMapHammer & Tongue Brighton
the big chill, bristol03/04/158:00pmMapHammer & Tongue Bristol
the book club03/03/15TBCMapHammer & Tongue Hackney
Canada Water Culture Space02/26/15TBCMapChill Pill with Jon Sands @ Canada Water Culture Space
The Albany12/18/148:00pmMapChill Pill X-mas BIG ONE @ the Albany
Keats House12/14/142:00pmMapKeats House Poets present... Daljit Nagra
The Spring 10/22/147:15pmMapIndiana Jones & the extra chair @ The Spring, Havant
The Albany10/16/147:30pmMapChill Pill @ the Albany (Afrovibes special)
THE KARAMEL CLUB (chocolate factory)09/25/147:00pmMapPoetry & Poppadoms @ the karamel club
The Albany09/24/145:30pmMapCouplets & Cuppas
Hamswell Festival08/16/14TBCMapChill Pill @ Hamswell Festival
Canada Water Culture Space08/07/147:30pmMapNo More Worries (scratch) @ Canada Water
Camp Bestival 08/03/14TBCMapChill Pill @ Camp bestival
Keats House07/27/142:00pmMapKeats House Poets present... Miriam Nash
Deptford Market06/28/1410:00amMapChill Pill pop up stall @ Deptford Market
Deptford Lounge, 06/28/142:30pmMapNOWfest @ Deptford Lounge
ARC06/26/148:00pmMapNo More Worries (scratch) @ ARC
Bristol Old Vic05/27/148:00pmMapBlahBlahBlah @ Bristol Old Vic
Keats House05/25/142:00pmMapKeats House Poets present... Malika Booker
Keats House03/30/142:00pmMapKeats House Poets Present...
Cecil Sharp House03/30/14TBCMapSunday Papers Live
The Albany03/17/143:00pmMapA 21st Century Tea Dance @ the Albany
Keats House02/23/142:00pmMapMy Creed is Love - free workshop @ Keats House
The Albany02/20/147:30pmMapChill Pill @ the Albany
Ronnie Scotts Upstairs (Ronnie’s Bar)02/09/147:00pmMapThe Jazz Verse Jukebox
Keats House01/26/142:00pmMapKeats House Poets present...
The Albany12/19/137:30pmMapChill Pill Christmas Special @ the Albany
the star by hackney downs12/11/138:00pmMapChill Pill East - open mic
comedy cafe11/28/138:00pmMapStand up and Slam @ Comedy Cafe
Brighton Dome11/01/137:00pmMapIndiana Jones & the extra chair @ Brighton Dome
Southbank Centre10/15/137:30pmMapIndiana Jones & the extra chair @ Southbank Centre
Southbank Centre10/14/137:30pmMapIndiana Jones & the extra chair @ Southbank Centre
Rich Mix10/10/13TBCMapLondon Liming meets Chill Pill @ Rich Mix
The Spring 10/03/137:30pmMapStrictly Speaking @ The Spring, Havant
The Albany09/19/137:30pmMapChill Pill @ The Albany
Jagz09/13/138:00pmMapThe Common Moral Cause @ Jagz
Soho Theatre 08/19/137:00pmMapChill Pill @ Soho Theatre
Wilderness Festival 08/09/13TBCMapWilderness Festival
Camp Bestival 08/02/135:00pmMapChill Pill @ Camp Bestival
Deptford Market07/13/1311:00amMapChill Pill Poetry Stall @ Deptford Market
Soho Theatre 07/08/137:00pmMapChill Pill Vs. Bang Said the Gun @ Soho Theatre
Brent Civic Centre 06/21/137:00pmMapBrent Poet Laureate Launch
Soho Theatre 06/20/137:00pmMapChill Pill @ Soho Theatre
The Bussey Building06/08/134:00pmMapThe Big Noise Festival
Keats House06/02/131:30pmMapKeats House Poets Present...
Cottons Islington05/31/137:00pmMapCome Rhyme With Me - London
Cecil Sharp House05/26/132:00pmMapSunday Papers Live
The Albany05/23/137:30pmMapChill Pill @ the Albany (THE BIG ONE!)
The Writers' Place05/17/137:00pmMapCome Rhyme With Me - Brighton
Mau Mau Bar04/16/137:30pmMapPoetry Served @ Mau Mau Bar
Ovalhouse Theatre 04/11/137:00pmMapScratch the Word
The Victoria03/21/137:30pmMapChill Pill @ Hit the Ode, B'ham
Canada Water Culture Space03/15/137:15pmMap'No More Worries' scratch @ Canada Water
Blueberry Bar03/09/137:30pmMapThe Word House
The Albany02/28/137:30pmMapChill Pill @ The Albany
Roundhouse02/13/137:30pmMapChill Pill Connect @ Roundhouse
The Victoria02/05/137:00pmMapHammer & Tongue Hackney
ARC01/29/137:00pmMapIndiana Jones & the extra chair @ ARC, Stockton
Keats House12/09/122:00pmMapKeats House Poets present...
The Albany11/29/128:00pmMapChill Pill @ The Albany
Keats House11/18/122:00pmMapKeats House Poets Present...
THE BEDFORD11/11/121:00pmMapChill Pill @ One Taste Festival
Live Theatre11/03/121:00pmMapIndiana Jones and the extra chair @ Live Theatre, Newcastle (Juice Festival)
The Grand union bar and restaurant10/04/127:30pmMapIndiana Jones & the extra chair @ warwick words
The Albany09/27/127:30pmMapChill Pill @ The Albany
Battersea Mess and Music Hall09/26/127:30pmMapRhyming Thunder Launch Night
Rich Mix09/13/128:00pmMapTongue Fu Anthology Launch
Keats House09/09/122:00pmMapKeats House Poets Present...
The Komedia09/06/127:30pmMapHammer & Tongue Brighton
Hamswell Festival08/19/12TBCMapHamswell Festival
Hamswell Festival08/18/12TBCMapHamswell Festival
Hamswell Festival08/17/128:00pmMapHamswell Festival
Liss Ard Festival08/05/12TBCMap Liss Ard Festival
Liss Ard Festival08/04/12TBCMap Liss Ard Festival
The Last Refuge07/29/126:30pmMapOut-spoken
Latitude Festival07/14/122:00pmMapLatitude Festival
Latitude Festival07/13/127:40pmMapLatitude Festival